1. The Swedish Academy of Realist Art, Atelier Stockholm (SARA) offers public summer workshops starting in June 2014!

    Our workshops offer excellent training in realist art in an idyllic location. SARA’s elegant home was built in 1930 on the site of the old Bergshamra Gård Manor House and is located on the fringes of the Royal National City Park. It is close to Brunnsviken Lake and is within walking distance of Ulriskdal Palace Park and Haga Park, as well as the University, Botanical Gardens. 

    SARA’s 2014 adult summer workshops will be led by our primary instructors, Sanna Tomac, Hans-Peter Szameit and Nathan Sowa. We also offer a workshop for children and teenagers, led by SARA graduate Ulrika Westerberg

    For more information on each workshop - Figure painting, Landscape painting, still life painting, Etching, and youth workshops - visit our website or write to info@atelierstockholm.se.

    Register here!

  2. SARA student, Sebastian Grönwall is featured in this MACI Production series that poses the question, "What does creativity mean to you?" to a series of artists. 

    Sebastian is well known for his landscape paintings, which feature marine themes and narratives of the past. His primary inspiration is found in the natural settings and culture of Northern Europe during the early 1900’s. His paintings may be characterized by his depiction of realistic scenes with a streak of abstraction. He primarily paints in oil, but also uses mediums such as watercolor and charcoal. Since his second year at SARA, Sebastian has worked as a student instructor, holding painting courses and workshops.

    To see more of his work, visit http://www.sebastiangronwall.se/.

  3. Don’t forget to get a ticket for Sanna Tomac’s lecture for the next Creative Mornings Stockholm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    Tickets are now available at http://creativemornings.com/talks/sanna-tomac-artist

    The talk will be held on April 4th at Berns Asiatiska. It is free of charge and includes coffee and breakfast! 

    Sanna will speak on the global theme “Hidden” in a presentation of her painting commission to fill the unfinished Baroque ceiling of the Bååtska Palace of Stockholm.


  4. creativemorningsstockholm:

    Sanna Tomac’s painting for the Bååtska Palace is truly a hidden marvel - a contemporary painting installed in a Baroque ceiling located in the headquarters of the Swedish Order of Freemasons - secret society that limits access to the halls of the great palace. So far, few people have been allowed to see the painting - only yesterday, it was unveiled in the presence of the Carl XVI of Sweden.

    Here are Sanna and the Swedish king in Bååtska Palace after she gave a 20 minute lecture on the painting - fantastic practice for her Creative Mornings talk on April 4th!

  5. Our very own Sanna Tomac, co-founder, Artistic Director and Instructor at SARA is the next speaker for Creative Mornings Stockholm, a monthly morning lecture series for the global creative community. Each event is free of charge, and includes a 20 minute talk, plus breakfast and coffee!

    The talk will be held on April 4th at Berns Asiatiska - doors open at 8am! Tickets will be released on the Creative Mornings website on Monday, March 31st at 11am CEST. 

    The talk will be part of Stockholm Art Week - a platform for the Stockholm art scene. The 2014 edition of Stockholm Art Week is being held 1 - 6 April.

    For more information visit http://creativemornings.com/talks/sanna-tomac-artist.


    The Young Masters Workshop is a 5 day summer workshop designed to engage children and teenagers in projects that teach the fundamentals of traditional drawing and painting. Students develop observational skills through a structured step-by-step process that enables them to draw increasingly complex images. The curriculum includes traditional drawing and painting, studying value scales, proportions, composition, contrast, and dynamics. 

    During breaks, students play outdoors and are provided with snacks. The workshop closes with an exhibition and diploma ceremony. 

    For more information, visit http://www.atelierstockholm.se/young-masters-workshop/.


    Approximately every second week, a sentence, subject or a fragment of an idea is posted as a starting point from which to imagine and create a sketch or drawing (in any medium). The Seed is meant to encourage students to think creatively and imaginatively as a contrast to all the technical studies acquired through other parts of the program curriculum. The drawing need not be “finished” at all, but the sketch should clearly show the conception and composition of your image and every effort should be made by the student to do the best work possible. These drawings are then shared and discussed. The Seed is optional for beginning students, but required of intermediate and advanced students. 

    When creating (and discussing) the seed images, students should keep in mind the following areas:  Conception (the artist’s idea for the image), Expression (how the idea is expressed through symbolism, gesture, emotional impact), Composition (center of interest, weight, balance, rhythm, movement), Drawing (how correctly/well it is drawn), Color [if applicable] (its efficacy in supporting or creating the message, mood, atmosphere and/or impact for the image), and Technique (how the technique affects the expression of the idea (loose, impressionistic, energetic, tight, sketchy, naturalistic, etc.).

    For more information on the SARA’s academic programs, visit www.atelierstockholm.se.

  8. Visit http://www.atelierstockholm.se/summer-2014-workshops/ for more information. To register, e-mail info@atelierstockholm.se with your name, address, telephone number and the name of the workshop you would like to register for. Space is limited!


    The training at SARA is designed to give students the skills necessary to create convincing, realistic works of art that meet the highest standards of excellence and craftsmanship — standards that are best illustrated within the works of the Old Masters. Accordingly, students of SARA are taught using methods that have produced many of history’s greatest masters. The training and curriculum is created from the best and most effective traditional methods and techniques used in 19th-century European academies and private ateliers, the Russian academy, the apprentice system of the renaissance and our faculty’s own extensive experience both as students (such as their studies with Odd Nerdrum) and as instructors (SARA does not use the sight-size method). The result is a rigorous and demanding system, which offers the greatest flexibility to meet the specific needs of each student so that they progress at their own best pace.  The curriculum is designed as a systematic progression, which breaks down the complex and intimidating challenge of learning to draw and paint realistically from life into practical stages. Each stage requires that the student acquire and demonstrate specific skills before advancing to the next more challenging stage. Students progress in a logical, step-by-step fashion leading ultimately to free and confident painting in oil. The speed at which a student advances through the curriculum is directly related to how much time and effort they invest.

    The school is open from 8AM to 8PM Monday through Friday, and 9AM to 5PM on Saturday. Students work on their individual projects (ie: cast drawings, still life paintings, etc.) each and every workday, but there are also special activities and programs throughout the week. An instructor reviews a beginning student’s work twice every day — once in the morning and once in the afternoon. More advanced students are reviewed everyday but are expected to be able to work more independently. The flexibility of the program allows for more reviews if needed, or less, if the student is proceeding well. The instructors are constantly observing and analyzing every student’s progress and adapting their instruction to best assist each student. Students are taught by main teachers as well as student/assistant teachers.

    Students also learn a wide variety of practical skills including hand grinding their own oil paint; preparing wood panels and copper as supports for painting; stretching and preparing raw linen canvas as a support; mixing mediums, grounds and varnishes, and a great deal more.

    Visit www.atelierstockholm.se for more information on our academic programs. 

  10. Thank you to everyone who attended last night’s Friends of SARA event at The Swedish Academy of Art in Bergshamra Gård. We hope that you had a fantastic time viewing the beautiful work being done by our students and listening to Sanna Tomac speak about her painting commission for the Bååtska Palace in Stockholm. If you would like more information about Friends of SARA or be invited to future events, visit our website, www.atelierstockholm.se