1. Pictures from Saturday’s vernissage for a solo exhibition by SARA student, William Brown at Galleri T in Stockholm’s Gamla Stan. 

  2. SARA students at work during the first week of the fall 2014 term - new students received lectures and drew from our collection of casts and busts - part of this introductory week is creating “before” cast, figure and portrait drawings - points of reference as students develop in the SARA program. Returning students resumed work on individual projects - cast drawings, figure and still life pantings. 

  3. Sanna Tomac, SARA co-founder and instructor, painting the Romanian countryside this summer. Pictured is her view and painting of Theodora Capat, as well as her painting of a hillside in the Pestera region. 

  4. Paintings by SARA graduate and instructor, Theodora Capat, of the Romanian countryside from this summer’s SARA faculty trip.

  5. The SARA Faculty, Sanna Tomac, Hans-Peter Szameit and Theodora Capat, as well as SARA student Mathilde LeBrun visited the Romanian country side for one week this summer to paint landscapes. 

    Above are paintings by SARA co-founder and instructor, Hans-Peter Szameit, 18 x 22.5 cm, Oil on canvas. 

  6. See pictures from the 2014 Summer Young Masters Workshop. This 5 day summer workshop is designed to engage children and teenagers in projects that teach the fundamentals of traditional drawing and painting. Students develop observational skills through a structured step-by-step process that enables them to draw increasingly complex images. The curriculum includes traditional drawing and painting, studying value scales, proportions, composition, contrast, and dynamics. During breaks, students play outdoors and are provided with snacks. The workshop closes with an exhibition and diploma ceremony. 

    This year’s workshop was taught by SARA graduate and fine artist, Ulrika Westerberg. 

  7. Here are pictures from this summer’s public Landscape Painting Workshop, taught by SARA graduate and new primary instructor, James Cooper. Students spent a week painting the landscapes of the gorgeous natural park surrounding our academy in Bergshamra Gård.

  8. The August 2014 issue of Gods & Gårdar features SARA co-founder Sanna Tomac’s painting for the Oscar Salon in the Bååtska Palace.

  9. We asked students to provide some of their own personal sketches done throughout the last academic year. Here are a few sketches by SARA students Bronwyn  Schuster and Karin Lagrelius.

  10. Two cast paintings produced by SARA students during the Spring 2014 term.