1. SARA students on a break in a studio. 

  2. Latest work by advanced SARA student, Sebastian Grönwall, “Fisktärna” Oil on Canvas, 27 x 34 cm. See more of his work at http://www.sebastiangronwall.se/.

  3. By the end of this week, Sanna Tomac will complete the monumental painting commissioned for the Oscarssalen ceiling in Bååtska palatset in Stockholm. The painting will be raised and installed over the course of the following weeks. Students from The Swedish Academy of Art, Atelier Stockholm (SARA) have had the opportunity to observe and assist her work. 

    Sanna received the commission for the painting and began the project in June 2012. She is creating the painting using traditional materials and methods, i.e. no photographs or projectors – only live models. 

    For more information or to arrange an interview with Sanna Tomac, please write to info@atelierstockholm.se or call Kim Jones at 08 730 44 71. 

  4. A selection of still life paintings by advanced SARA students completed during the Fall 2013 term.

  5. A selection of figure studies completed by SARA students during the Fall 2013 term.

  6. A selection of the finished bust drawings completed during the Fall 2013 term by intermediate SARA students. 

    18.00 - 20.00

    80 SEK or 60 SEK with 5 or 10 x discount card
    Tonight’s Model: ADAM 

    Every Thursday at SARA:

  8. Students are back from Christmas break and have resumed work on still life paintings, drawings of busts and Bargue copies, as well as the last figure pose of the term.

  9. Images from our Christmas party, with SARA students and faculty. Dinner was served in the model room during the last week of school before Christmas break. Thank you to everyone who attended!

  10. SARA co-founder Sanna Tomac continues work on her ceiling painting for the Bååtska palace in Stockholm. Scaffolding has been installed to allow her to work on location. 

    The 400 year old ceiling was designed to exhibit a 4 x 7 meters painting, but was never completed. It remains one of the few unfinished Baroque ceilings in the world. Sanna received this historical commission two years ago, and will complete the painting in the next 3-5 months.