1. Visit from DICE

    We had a visit from DICE (Digital Illusions CE) to talk to the school about their company and how art is used to help make their games. DICE is a swedish video game developer most famous for the Battlefield series and Mirrors Edge. Their latest game, Battlefield 3, has sold over 8 million copies since it’s release on October 25th 2011.

    Robert Runesson (Chief Creative Officer at DICE) began the lecture by explaining the different types of artists there are at DICE and the company’s general mentality on developing games. There are over 80 artists at DICE, most of them specialize in different fields that are key to the creation process, like concept art for idea generation or environment art for building 3d levels within a game. It is important for the employees at DICE to be goal oriented instead of task oriented. The art created at the company is only a means to an end, to develop a great final product. Finesse is also a key word at DICE, where a sense of maturity and intellect underlies the development of the games.

    Robert Sammelin (Senior Concept Artist at DICE) continued after Runesson to talk more in depth about concept art and his own role in the company. Using his work on Battlefield 3 as an example, Sammelin demonstrated how concept art is used in different stages of development to visualize and represent ideas that can be put in the game. Robert stressed the fact that it is often not important to create pretty pictures when it comes to concept art, but to be able to convey ideas clearly and efficiently.

    The lecture ended with discussions about making a portfolio for companies like DICE and how the video gaming industry relates to art.

    We had a fantastic time at the lecture and we’re excited to meet Robert Runesson and Robert Sammelin again in the future.