1. Figure Drawings and Paintings

    Figure drawing and painting from live models serves as the backbone for the education at Atelier Stockholm and students practice it at least three and a half hours a day. 

    The goal of every figure study at the school is to capture the correct proportion and stance of the model and acquire a likeness in the study compared to nature.

    The figure poses range from simple one day studies and up to four week long poses. There are also quicker poses everyday that students draw to help them warm up.   

    The model drawings are approached in the same way as the cast studies, blocking in the figure first by using simplified lines and later moving on to detailing.

    The Figure studies are done in different mediums depending on where the student is in the curriculum.  Beginning students draw in graphite before moving on to charcoal drawings, charcoal and chalk, and finally oil paint.

    A two day figure drawing done in graphite.

    A four week study done in charcoal and chalk.

    A four week figure painting done with oils on canvas using a limited four color palette.