1. Peder Severin Kroyer Exhibition in Copenhagen

    There is currently an exhibition of over 140 works by the Danish painter Peder Severin Krøyer in Copenhagen. The exhibition is located at the Hirschsprung Collection and is the largest collection of works by Krøyer in recent history.  The exhibition runs until the 10th of April 2012

    Peder Severin Krøyer (1851 - 1909) was part of the group of scandinavian artists called The Skagen Painters and has a central position in Danish art history. He is most famous for his dipictions of summer evening scenes on Skagen’s beaches but his body of work ranges from complex group portraits to landscape paintings and many other types of paintings.

    Summer evening at Skagen. 1892

    The exhibition features many paintings that Krøyer did internationally, including works from Spain, Italy and even figure paintings from France where Krøyer studied in Léon Bonnat’s atelier, a school which Atelier Stockholm has similar working methods to.

    The series of atelier figure paintings at the exhibition.

    Here are some other photos of work from the exhibition:

    Marie Krøyer. Stenbjerg. 1889

    A luncheon. The artist, his wife and the write Otto Benzon. 1893

    Italian field labourers. Abruzzo. 1880