1. Alexander Novoselov Composition Workshop

    Alexander Novoselov came to the school this week to give a three day workshop in composition. Alexander is a teacher at the Russian Academy of Art in St Petersburg, where he also went as a student. During his studies he was honored as “Best Graduate of 2007”.

    "Immigration Birds" by Alexander Novoselov.

    "The Danaides" by Alexander Novoselov.

    In the workshop Novoselov went through what he called the “ABC’s” of composition; rythm, values, sillouettes, color and details. All of these compositional instruments, if done correctly, will help an artists say what they want to say in a painting.

    One of the main points that Alexander stressed was that to make something interesting there needs to be things that are different from eachother through contrast. He brought up an example of a painting of five apples,  if they are all the same green apples in a row then it is probably a boring picture. If the five apples are different and unique from eachother however, one red, one cut open, one upside down, etc, then you have an interesting picture. 

    Students ready for the workshop lecture. 

    Each morning of the workshop Alexander went through slideshows of paintings where he explained how the artists used the different compositional tools to construct their images.  

    In the afternoons Novoselov focused on helping the advanced painting students and gave them practical assignments, urging them to use the knowledge they had learned in the mornings.

    The advanced students hard at work on their compositional studies.

    It was lovely to have Alexander Novoselov at the school again, he is truly a fantastic teacher and we all look forward to the next time that we see him.