1. Summer 2012 Workshops

    The open house went fantastic, it was great to see so many people interested in the school and we hope you had a great time!

    We would like to let people know about the summer courses that we are holding. The summer workshops will give students a taste of what being a student at Atelier Stockholm is like and a larger understanding for art and realistic painting in particular. The beauty, creativity and high standards of craftsmanship that Atelier Stockholm stands for, will also certainly become an inspiration to students and energize them in their future artistic work.

    This year, there will be three workshops to choose from, each focusing on a particular subject or method:

    Figure Painting
    June 25  – July 6 kl 9:00-16:00 (10 days)
    Teacher: Samuel Järnegard Fogelvik
    Cost: 10000 SEK (including VAT 2000SEK)
    Material not included
    Language: English and Swedish

    Drawing and painting the human figure realistically and accurately has always been considered the ultimate test and proof of an artist’s skill, since it is the most complex challenge an artist faces. This workshop is designed to give students guidance in approaching this intimidating challenge. Every day they will work from a live model who will hold the same pose for longer periods of time to allow students time for careful drawing and methodical application of paint. Students will do preparatory drawing exercises to improve their perceptive skills through the use of structural anatomy, values, temperature, edges and accents and learn how to apply paint to create structure and volume.

    Portrait Painting

    June 25  – July 6 kl 9:00-16:00 (10 days)
    Teacher: Aleksei Shatunov
    Cost: 10000 SEK (including VAT 2000SEK)
    Material not included
    Language: English

    Students will use oil paints and work on three portraits – the first one for 3 days, the second for 2 days and the third for 5 days. The schedule is as follows:

    Week One
    Day 1: introduction to the course, giving the guiding information about the course,drawing, sketching.
    Day 2: painting the big shapes and finding correct relationships
    Day 3: working with the details and finishing the portrait.
    Day 4: starting new portrait: working on drawing and composition
    Day 5: working with tone, relationships, and finishing the portrait.

    Week Two
    Day 6: starting the long pose portrait with hands, introduction to long pose, finding a good spot, drawing and working with the small composition in color.
    Day 7: drawing, getting the correct proportions.
    Day 8: working with tone and relationships
    Day 9: working with relationships and textures
    Day 10: working with the details, finishing the portrait.

    Water-Colour Landscape painting
    June 25  – July 6 kl 9:00-16:00 (10 days)
    Teacher: Sam Hencher
    Cost: 10000 SEK (including VAT 2000SEK)
    Material not included
    Language: English

    Watercolour is a fresh and highly creative medium when used in a mature way and with confidence. It should never be used to colour in your pencil drawings but instead, using the clean white of the paper, should be a powerful source to create the illusion of light.

    Sometimes painting in oils can simply take too long. The spontaneity of watercolour is very refreshing at these times….

    Your paints can be carried with you wherever you go – for a weekend away, on a walk, travelling around the world or even to a pub – the feeling of ”wow… did i just do that?” can be achieved at the whip of a brush.

     Watercolour is a great medium to explore, achieving photo real results without having to sit maticulously recording every detail. As long as it is used without fear, amazing results can be realized.

    Basic instruction will include an introduction to materials, choosing subject matter, sketching and composition. More advanced topics will include watercolour techniques – effects, colour mixing, masking and basically mastering your fears…

    By the end of the course, hopefully, you wont think twice about creating a lively and mature looking painting in a matter of moments!

    For more info and instructions on how to enroll, visit http://atelierstockholm.se/workshops/